Recruiter Connect Program

For years, we’ve been helping customers with their job search through the creation of well crafted resumes, cover letters, and thank you notes. To help support our valued customers, we’re launching a brand new program to help you find jobs by connecting you with qualified recruiters representing real job opportunities.

  1. To participate, you must be a past customer of Resume Express. To sign up, e-mail the resume writer who worked on your resume.
  2. The program is free, and once joined, you may quit at any time.
  3. Upon starting your participation in the program, we will send your resume to select recruiters with whom we’ve worked in the past.
  4. We will also categorize your resume and post it on a searchable, password protected portion of our website for recruiters to log in and review.
  5. As always, we will protect your personal data. Your resume will only be shared with legitimate recruiters who we personally vet.

Still need more information? UseĀ our contact form, e-mail your resume writer for assistance or give us a call toll free at 888-527-7245.