Resume Express Affiliate Program

In addition to being amazing resume writers, we’re also very generous. We love referrals and reward those who send us business. Most times, these referrals are from satisfied resume customers, but for webmasters looking for additional income streams, we offer a lucrative affiliate program. When you partner with us, you’re partnering with a family owned business that takes pride in doing business the old fashioned way with an emphasis on plain dealing. Our affiliate agreement is a comprehensive, legally binding contract, but boils down to the following seven points:

  1. You will respect our brand and not make us look bad.
  2. You retain lifetime rights to potential customers you refer.
  3. You will receive a fixed fee per sale, according to the schedule below.
  4. You will not receive commission on cancelled orders or chargebacks.
  5. Payments are made on the 15 day of the month via PayPal or check for all commissions earned the previous month.
  6. We reserve the right to change our commission rates. These changes will NOT apply retroactively.
  7. We reserve the right to cancel your participation in our program. Cancellation will NOT void any earned commissions.

Commission Schedule

Affiliates can earn unlimited income and are paid according to the following commission schedule:

Resume Only: $10.00
Basic Package: $15.00
Professional Package: $20.00
Platinum Package: $25.00
Subscription Package: $30.00

Sign Up

If you’d like to join our affiliate program, please call us at 888-527-7245. Our affiliate manager will review your application and, upon approval, furnish you with credentials to log into our affiliate manager.