Terms and Conditions

Updated September 16, 2019

General Terms

By placing an order with resume-express.com, you agree that you are legally bound by and will agree to the terms outlined on this page. resume-express.com may update this page at any time, though you will remain bound to the terms and conditions in place at the time of your order.

You agree to pay the published price for your order and authorize resume-express.com to charge your credit card and/or PayPal account for this amount in accordance with your cardmember agreement. If you initiate any charge back or credit card dispute for an order already approved and delivered to you, we reserve the right to collect any fees we incur as a result of your dispute.

For customers claiming a vocational or military service discount, verification of employment or military service is required.

resume-express.com may, at its sole discretion, cancel your order and refund your money entirely.

You hereby agree and consent to venue in the State of North Carolina in the event that legal action regarding resume-express.com or your order is necessary. In the event of legal action in which we prevail, you agree to pay for our attorney’s fees and costs of court. You agree that all work is performed and all benefit is received from this agreement solely in the State of North Carolina.

You are entirely responsible for the accuracy and veracity of data provided to resume-express.com. resume-express.com has no way to verify information submitted by you and cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies, falsehoods and/or fraud committed by you.

Work Product Ownership

Once you agree that we have completed your purchase to your satisfaction, you will own the products purchased, and resume-express.com shall not have any claim to work product ownership. In the event that resume-express.com refuses, cancels or otherwise refunds your order, you will not own the products purchased and may not use them under any circumstances.


We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your career documents, as evidenced by your formal approval, in writing. We will continue to work on your documents as long as necessary until you do.

We guarantee that we will, for whatever reason, revise your resume at no cost for 90 days. This guarantee does not cover the addition of new information to your resume or a change in focus or career field to a resume already approved. Revisions shall be completed within ten business days.

We guarantee that you will have at least one interview request after using our resume for 90 days, if you meet all of the following requirements:

  • You track all of the jobs you’ve applied to using our resume submission spreadsheet
  • You submit at least 20% of your resume submissions directly to a qualified individual decision maker, and not via online job application
  • You notify us that you haven’t had any interviews 30 and 60 days after receiving your final documents
  • You send us your resume submission spreadsheet 30 and 60 days after receiving your final documents

If you do not have any interview requests after 90 days and have followed the terms outlined above, we will either refund your original purchase price via the original payment method or create a new version of your resume – at our choice.

Return Policy

resume-express.com guarantees satisfaction on all purchases. If, after five attempts to remedy problems and/or issues you identify, you remain unsatisfied, we will return 100% of the purchase price paid, if requested in writing. If your purchase is not available for delivery and/or download by the time specified on your order confirmation email, we will either upgrade your order free of charge, or return 100% of the purchase price paid at our sole discretion.

Once you request and receive your resume documents in Microsoft Word format, all sales are final.

Privacy Policy

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for complete details.

Contacting Us

If you have a question or comment about this service, you should contact us immediately via telephone at 888-527-7245 or via our online comment form.