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Harland R. approached us in need of creating a federal resume to help him secure a new program management position with the federal government. He wrote: “I’ve worked for the past 5 years in the public sector, and I’m trying to get in the federal government sector as an analyst or associate director with management capacity.”

To see how we transformed his resume, please click the before and after resumes below.

Before Version of Resume Sample Federal Resume
Before After (Our Version)

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Looking to improve your existing federal resume (or get a new one)?

Chances are, you are visiting this page because you are looking for a new job (or a promotion) and want some inspiration on improving your resume for federal job openings positions. Here are some simple ways to improve your resume if you are looking for a federal job. If you’d like more personalized advice (absolutely free), we encourage you to request a free resume review and consultation.

  1. Ensure your resume meets all of the technical and formatting requirements for the position
  2. Don’t forget the KSAs, if requested or required
  3. Your resume should answer the question “Why do I want to hire this person?”
  4. Your resume should highlight your best attributes while presenting a complete picture of your history.
  5. Use a skills section to highlight skills and keywords listed in the job announcement.
  6. Use numbers. Numbers are concrete and convey accomplishment without room for interpretation.
  7. Take credit for your role in the accomplishments of subordinate employees and teams.
  8. Use action verbs instead of passive terms such as “responsible for”.
  9. Proofread your resume multiple times. Have a friend or loved one proofread it to. A single typo can get your resume tossed.

If you’d like a complete list of resume tips, please visit our blog posting, “50 Resume Writing Tips“.