You’ll notice that for the past three weeks, there’s been no blogging. Aside from being sick for a week, I’ve been holed up in the ResumeBunkerâ„¢ working on a new website. Last night, in a fit of productivity following a day of being thankful for doing nothing, I launched the new site. It’s live at I’m not happy with the logo, but when Aimee gets off her butt, that will be improved, too.

What we did:

New interface
Let’s face it – the old website sucked. In my defense, it was thrown together in about a day. This time around, I spent a little time to create what I consider a very eye-catching design that communicates our value proposition: fast, affordable and guaranteed resumes that are professional written for each customer.

New messaging
We’ve always offered a 10% discount to military veterans. Aimee and I are both military brats and appreciate the sacrifice that these heroes (and their families) make. To that end, we’ve updated our home page to reflect this discount and expanded it to military, police officers, firefighters, paramedics, nurses and teachers too.

New samples and case studies
In looking at our analytics, it was clear that our samples page was both getting a lot of traffic, and not measuring up. We’ve expanded our resume samples to add a diverse number of career types and added in case studies to give a little background.

Hopefully, the new site is much easier for you to navigate and ultimately decide to hire us to write your next resume. Feel free to take a moment and let me know what you think. We love feedback!