Growing up in a family with a long and decorated history of military service meant that there was always special emphasis placed on Veterans Day. Though I never served in the military myself, I have tremendous respect for those who do and their families every day of the year. Speaking from past experience as a small business hiring manager, the best way to honor a veteran’s service (while growing your business at the same time) is to hire them!

Vets and to a greater extent their spouses are often shortchanged in their career development – low wages, dangerous work, lack of stability due to frequent displacement, employer prejudice, and the stigma of potential mental health issues can hold back talented Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, or Coasties. If for no other reason, hire a vet because they deserve a break!

If you’re more concerned about how you can benefit, then consider that vets often the most skilled, disciplined, and adaptable employees you’ll ever have. Years of service, thousands of hours of training, and a rigorous chain of command mean that vets are used to¬†executing at a high level in the most stressful and dynamic of conditions. Having a spreadsheet done by 5pm pales in comparison to patrolling streets where every corner can bring a deadly fire fight.

Still not moved? Then how about a bribe from Uncle Sam? The eligibility varies, but your small business can claim up to $9600 in tax credits every year for hiring vets.