In a word – No!

It really irks me when I read sites or authors supposed to be “expert resume writers” who opine that your resume should include an objective. At Resume Express, our objective is to get rid of the objective statement entirely. In modern business there is simply no time or place for an objective statement on your resume. Here’s why:

Everybody has the same objective.
Find a job. End of story. As much as you want to dress it up with flowery language, it all boils down to the same thing. And if it’s a given and doesn’t differentiate you from any other candidate (much like the phrase “references available upon request”), it shouldn’t be on your resume.

It’s a waste of space.
As a professional resume service, we often have to finesse resumes to fit one or two pages for our clients. If your experience and accomplishments are bursting your resume page at the seams, why would you waste precious space with puffery?

A tailored summary is much more effective.
The very first thing that your potential employer should see is a few sentences that sum up who you are and what you can do for their company. You may have only 15-30 seconds to make an impression on someone reading your resume, and distilling the essence of your resume into a compact narrative creates real interest on the part of the reviewer to keep reading (or set aside for further study).

If you need a new resume, without an objective statement, give one of our professional resume writers a call!