A few weeks ago, while participating in the weekly Hire Friday chat on Twitter (#HFChat), recruiting professional @animal posed the following question: How do you write a thank you letter without it being blatantly brown-nosing. My response, or “thank you card formula” as @animal referred to it, was “1 sentence thanking, 1 sucking up, 4-5 addressing employers needs and presenting ideas.” I promised an example or two once the new website was finished.

Here is an actual client example of the sort of thank you letters we write:


Dear [Person You Met With],

I wanted to personally express my gratitude for your time in interviewing me yesterday. It was a pleasure to meet with you and see firsthand how [Company]  operates. I came away with a very positive impression and confidence that [Company] is and will continue to be an industry leader.

I’ve thought a little bit about what we discussed yesterday regarding the issues you face, particularly improving the efficiency of operations and the importance of documentation and timekeeping. I am in agreement that moving to a GPS enabled delivery system will be a challenge, but one that pays dividends for a long time. Combining production data with location awareness will solve many of the timekeeping issues we discussed. With my experience managing technology integrations and the ideas we touched upon, I am quite certain we can swiftly improve these areas.

Thank you again for your consideration. I am convinced that I am a good fit for [Company], and I look forward to meeting with your Operations Director as the next step.


[Your Name]